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Pudge has won the Arcana Vote by a mere 0.008%

Joindota Time:8/10/2017 2:00:00 PM +00:00

The Arcana Vote at TI7 is done and dusted. The hero to be rewarded with a new Arcana set has been decided.

The Arcana Vote came right down to the wire with Pudge the winner by only 0.008% of votes. 57 million votes were cast to decide whether Rubick or Pudge would be rewarded with an Arcana, and the difference between the two was only 8,711 votes.

Pudge will become only the 12th hero in Dota to receive an Arcana, the most intricate cosmetic type. The last hero to receive one was Wisp, which was an unlockable reward in the TI7 Battle Pass. The announcement that Pudge won the Arcana was greeted with boos from the crowd inside Key Arena.