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Absolute INSANITY in Liquid v VP G1! One of the best games of TI7?

Joindota Time:8/11/2017 4:30:00 AM +00:00

Team Liquid and Virtus Pro were involved in the most silly and entertaining match in the TI main event. 103 minutes of action and a 40 minute base defence by VP.

The only Western survivors matched with each other

Virtus Pro's previous match was a big crowd pleaser despite it being a 2-0 defeat to LFY, and for fans inside KeyArena Virtus Pro's matchup with Liquid was an anticipated one, although many had hoped the two western teams would not have to face each other considering how many Chinese teams were left in the playoffs. The winner of this match would be the last remaining Western survivor, with Newbee and LFY in the upper-bracket and iG and LGD in the lower-bracket.

Game 1

It was a very Liquid friendly draft with 4 of their players on signature heroes; Mind_Control's Beastmaster, Kuroky's Rubick, GH's Keeper of the Light and Matumbaman's Lycan. As in previous games the GH Keeper of the Light was played as a core, and Empire had felt his wrath in game 2 of their match in the previous round.

However the star of game 1 was surprisingly Bloodseeker, a hero rarely seen in competitive but one which Vladimir 'no[o]ne' Minenko played to perfection in game 1, rocking the top of the networth chart with an absurd amounts of farm. It was a back and forth game but as the match hit the hour mark things got extremely heated, and every single battle was micro intensive and headache inducing for a new viewer.