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TI7 All-Star: A bit of a mess, but great all the same

Joindota Time:8/11/2017 2:40:00 PM +00:00

A tradition for many TIs now, the All-Star match got an upgrade this year with a real prize pool while keeping the same clowny nonsense we've come to know and love.

This year's All-Star got off to an epic start thanks to the vocal talents of John Patrick Lowrie, voice of several Dota 2 heroes as well as the 
The surprises didn't end there either. After both the RU and CN casters had already taken their places at the cating desks, the EN casters were notably absent. They were brought in as late as possible not to spoil the surprise.
Valve had the idea to include audio from the player booths, but unfortunately the audio of both the players and the casters at the same time was a bit of a muddle. After just a few minutes, Ayesee and Draskyl had obviously been told to cast only sporadically, and allow the booth audio to come through.
Team Radiant took an early advantage, and despite some standard All-Star match throwing, they dominated the game thanks in particular to SumaiL's Earthshaker and Boboka's Tinker. It seems that both of them are capable of putting the team on their back even when their roles have been swapped.
The winners in the end were Team Radiant, and who better to have a big old bite of the cheese trophy than TI winner s4.