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Liquid into final 3 after FOUR back-to-back wins in lower-bracket

Joindota Time:8/12/2017 3:20:00 PM +00:00

Team Liquid have been on a roll in the lower-bracket and victory over LGD Gaming earlier today put them into the final 3 of The International 7.

Matu after LIquid victory over LGD (Image: @dota2ti Instagram)

Team Liquid were top of group A but suffered a shock defeat to iG in the upper-bracket. GH and Miracle said in their post-match interview today that the loss helped to relieve some pressure, and that following that defeat they decided to relax and treat TI like any other tournament.

The mentality is working out well as Liquid have now won four lower-bracket games back-to-back to reach the top 3. They are the only foreign team to make top 4, which is not that surprising considering they eliminated 3 of them. In the lower-bracket Liquid eliminated Secret, Empire, VP and finally LGD.

Liquid's demolition of LGD Gaming was quite absolute. Game 1 they were destroyed by Miracle's Morphling and in game 2 Liquid were playing with their food as 4 of Liquid successfully took on 5 of LGD while Matumbaman ransacked their base with his Broodmother. Matumbaman had webbed mid to oblivion, taking over the mid lane while Miracle's Huskar ran around on below 150hp with Kuroky by his side killing LGD's players.

Kuroky now moves on to another Chinese opponent, LGD.FY, the talk of the tournament prior to their defeat against Newbee in the upper-bracket. It is not the first time Kuroky has been in the top 3 at a TI, he was of course runner-up with Navi at TI3, but he has never won TI.